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Bag Filter System

Find high-Quality Bag Filter Housings at Filter Concept for use in Commercial and Industrial Water Filtration and Purification Systems.

Bags are made from polypropylene or polyester. Normally woven material is used for making bags. For finer filtration non-woven media is preferable. We give heat-sealed bags with polypropylene collar. Collar is used to hold the bag in the housing as shown here in the picture. The bag is rested on perforated cylinder.

The filtration is in to out in bag filter, Bag Filter Housing Exporter, Bag Filter Housing India. Fluid enters from the top of the housing in to the bag. Contamination retains on the bag and clear fluid passes from bag through perforated cylinder. Bags are dispossable once bag is full of contamination it need to be replaced.

Standard size of the bags is 4″x20″, 7″x17″, 7”x20″ and  7”x32”. However it can be made of any size as per the requirement. In case of high flow rate, multi bag housing can be provided to take care of the flow. Standard bags are available from 5 to 100 micron cut-off range

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Bag Filter Housing Exporter India

  • Economics is very important in almost all the area.
  • When contamination level is high, it is better to use pre-filter.
  • Bag filter is proven economical pre-filter.
  • Many times it can be used as a final filter too.

The advantage of bag filters are : 

  • High solids collection capacity
  • Easy change out saves manpower
  • Cheapest solution
  • Contaminant retained in bag is easy for disposal
  • Minimum loss of processing fluids etc.
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