S.S. Sintered Powder Cartridges

Shape, size and distribution of the powder particles are important parameters which effect the properties of high porosity sintered components. Besides permeability, grade efficiency and mechanical strength, the corrosion resistance is often of prime importance for the field of application. Sintered S.S. Cartridges are produced by cold is ostatic pressing, which gives the high porosity material its shape stability an properties of a metallically strong component.

  • Shape-stability – Self-supporting constructional elements.
  • High heat resistance and thermal stability up to 900 to 1000° C.
  • High permeability by low pressure drop.
  • Definable pore size distribution gives advantage of easy cleaning with superheated steam, chemical solvents, thermal processes and by ultrasonic.
  • Chemical resistance against acids and caustic solutions in various ranges of pH
  • Wide range of micron rating from 0.5 to 200µ.
  • Standard cylinders of 10″ to 40″, with adopters to house almost all type of existing housings.

We are manufacturer Sintered Powder Cartridges and Sintered Metal Powder Cartridge in India. We are providing exporter and supplier of Sinter Filter Cartridges.


The compatibility of Sintered S.S. media with high temperatures and pressures, offers wide range of applications like :

  • Filtration of steam and other high temperature gases and liquids.
  • Filtration of high viscosity fluids.
  • Catalyst recovery from gases and liquids.
  • Sparging into tanks and vessels.