Back Washable Filter

Unique Design Cleanable Filter

We have developed unique design SS. wire-mesh cleanable filter. The compact design filter has advantage of in built cleaning. The filter can supply for the flow rate of 1000 M3/hr for water. In built backwash design is effective up to pore size of 25 micron. The Compact design has its own advantage of very high filtration area, which gives longer service life of filter. This can be given as a very good pre filter- prior to disposable cartridge filters to enhance the life of cartridge.

The advantage of the design is – in built backwash by changing the valves and periodic manual cleaning is always possible.

This is multi cylinders design filter. The cartridge assembly is made up of 10 cylinders inserted in each other from bigger to smaller diameter. The cylinders are connected with nearest cylinder with top and bottom color. Top and bottom colors are connected with 3 rods.