Hydraulic Filter

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Contamination is still the main reason for trouble and down times of a hydraulic system. Contamination is already created during the manufacturing the components and in addition the fluid has basic contamination. During operation of the system further contamination is created by abrasion and seal material. Filters in a hydraulic system have to reduce this contamination to an acceptable level. Thus by filter, conditions are created for a trouble free and low-maintenance operation.

A hydraulic filter, Hydraulic Filter Manufacturer consists of the element, the housing and additional accessories like by pass valve, contamination indicator, reverse flow valve etc. The housing is made up of the head and the bowl. The element consists of the internal body, the pleated star and the end plates. With only few exceptions, the fluid flows in filter -out- to- in.


The hydraulic filter needs additional accessories like by pass valve and indicators. Since operating pressure is high, it is necessary to change the element (or clean the element in case of re-usable) as soon it reaches its limited differential pressure. To indicate the same, indicator is required in the filter. Many varieties of indicators are available – Visual indicator & electrical indicator. Electrical indicator gives indication by blowing the bulb or alarm. If somebody ignore the indications, it is obvious that the differential pressure of filter will increase and in worst case filter may burst! To avoid such situation, by pass valve is required to by pass the fluid and protect the filter. It is important that in such case, un-filtered fluid will go in to the system.