Strainers are widely used in almost all process industries. One can classify strainers as filtration up to 150 to 1000 microns. S.S. Wire-mesh media is raped inside of perforated basket with the help of spot welding and housed it in housing. The filtration is generally in to out. However for specific requirements, we provide pleated strainers where filtration is out to in. The advantage of this is more filtration area resulting longer service life of the strainers and smaller system. We provide such strainers as pre-filters upto 25 Microns to remove major load on final filters and make total system economical. Strainers are reusable once if it is full of contamination one can easily clean it manually by taking out the strainer from the system and reuse it. Strainer element can be made from epoxy joint, where temperature is not constrain. However for specific requirement (chemical compatibility and higher temperature applications), we make complete S.S Strainer element in welded construction.