PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge

Pleated PTFE Cartridge and PTFE Membrane Cartridge Manufacturer

PTFE membrane with all – Fluor polymer construction for high temperature applications, extremely low extractable & excellent chemical compatibility. It is Integrity testable cartridge. Fully validated and supported with a certification of quality, integrity test procedure, and validation guide. Bacteria retention greater than 107 /cm² per HIMA methodology for 0.2 micron sterilizing grade filters using Brevundimonas diminuta. Maximizes fermentation yields and lowers operating costs. Techno-filt International is main manufacturer of PTFE Cartridge, PTFE Cartridge Filter Supplier in India.

Application of PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge:

Micron Rating 0.2 µ to 70 µ
Length 5″, 10″ 20″
Filter Media Material Hydrophobic PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene
Support Layer Polypropylene
Core/Cage/End Adaptor Polypropylene
End Connection Double Open End (DOE), Code-7, Single Open End (SOE)
Sealing Method Thermal Bonding
Max. Operating temperature (˚C) Up to 95° C
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Sanitary PTFE Pleated Filter for Oil Filtration
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